08 May 2007

Trampoline and Tumbling

It may not show here, but I have been giving quite a bit of thought to autism and related concerns lately (it is, after all, IEP season). I've not written here, though, mainly due to numerous other commitments over the last couple of months. One of those commitments has been setting up the new blog, The Tramp and Tumble Blog.

My younger son is on the St. Louis Elite team, and the National Championships are quickly approaching. As much as we love it, though, Trampoline and Tumbling is not well known as a competitive activity (unlike rival activities Gymnastics [which TnT is actually a subset of] and cheerleading), so I've been working with the coach at St. Louis Elite to help spread the word. Tramp and Tumble is a first step.

Trampoline has long been a part of our household. We found, as many autism parents do, that the trampoline is incredibly valuable to our autistic children. We couldn't get by without it. (And, yes, we've spent many a cold morning "shoveling" the trampoline after we finish the driveway!) Having the trampoline around is also what led our youngest into the sport, so it has worked out all around.

For a little more on the joy of tumbling, and the joy of coaching, with a bit of autism flavor, check out these posts from Kassiane.