08 February 2007

Site update

As part of the move onto the new blogger, I am finally getting around to updating this site. Please excuse the inevitable chaos as I go through and figure out the new Blogger system and what it is I want to create.

One side effect I know of in advance is that all of the comments to date will be "lost." Before Blogger had a good commenting system, I went with HaloScan for comments and trackbacks. As part of my upgrade, I plan to implement the Blogger comments. The old comments will still be available (and there are some good ones), I just won't have links to them from the site. At least not right away.

I should be back soon with some actual content worth reading (well, worth writing at least!)


mcewen said...

Good for you - I'm going to try and upgrade soon too. I just wish that I were a tad more technically minded or is that just fear of the new?
fingers crossed for you [and me]

Brett said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement. Good luck to you as well.